We've hired Alexey several times to do work around our home and we are thrilled every time. Most recently he did a built in custom closet for our baby's nursery. He took a simple design that we liked, went over it with us to make sure he got the elements we wanted, advised us on things to change and built it perfectly. He was quick, efficient and left the place spotless. He has incredible attention to detail and crafts beautiful one of a kind furniture. — Kayleigh Markell

Heritage Glass has done several jobs for us highlighting his mastery in both stained glass and carpentry. Alexey has created a custom stained glass piece as a wedding gift which was a beautiful keepsake for the wedding couple, he was very helpful with the design and customization, it was stunning. He has done many jobs as well as designing, building and installing a custom built-in front entry closet piece, the product is beautiful and the craftsmanship shows in the details and durability a beautiful functional piece. Alexey was efficient and detailed and we spoke often during the process, he was able to suggest design changes for functionality when required always ensuring my overall vision was met. I would recommend Heritage Glass for any carpentry, stained glass or restoration work and we will work with them again. — Francine Boucher

I hired Heritage Glass to renovate my kitchen back in 2003. I was moving to another country and needed to sell my house as fast as possible. After Alexey finished my kitchen, which was way old, dating back to 1960, my house was sold in one day, one day of showing and voila it was gone. The comment from my realtor was "The buyer was fascinated by the kitchen, the colors, design and feel! — Natalia Doiron

We hired Heritage Glass to renovate our 3-piece master bathroom into a 4-piece. Alexey took great care and time to thoroughly discuss and draw up our plans with us, while making suggestions and improvements to our design and walking us through the necessary steps to have the bathroom completed within our time frame and budget. He mapped out the electricity and the plumbing required; identified and fortified the structure where there was water damage from an old leak; insulated the walls for both noise and moisture; and he brought in and oversaw the electrical and plumbing companies to make all the necessary changes “behind the scenes”. While we were in a rush to have this project completed, every part was swiftly and meticulously executed. Prior to starting this job we did some independent research on sustainable building materials and on good building practices. When discussing our vision with Alexey we were amazed to hear that his knowledge and approach were in line with what we have researched. He was very open and clear about the materials he would be using and why. Throughout the entire process he was very open about the work that was done or needed to be done before it was executed. He was on site from the first day until the very last hour where he made sure that the entire room was left spotless. He undertook the entire project and he saw it through to the very last detail. We could not be happier with the final product and with Alexey’s honest, meticulous and detail oriented work. We would recommend Heritage Glass to anyone who is looking to hire a company that is honest, hardworking and who takes personal pride in meeting client’s needs with an exceptional quality of work. — AK